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TRV|X is our staple workout. Inside this session, you can expect an incredible balance of strength, cardio, and muscular endurance. We’ll keep you sweating through 45mins of variety of innovative equipment, programming, and having a blast along the way. This is a great class to get started at any fitness level.



RIOT Boxing

RIOT Boxing is TRV|FIT’s premier boxing and conditioning workout. The goal is to make authentic boxing techniques accessible and non-intimidating while taking you through rounds of bag work, cross-training, and building that fighters core. We have wraps and gloves available to purchase, or you can bring your own. There’s no experience needed, and a great workout to get started with!




In this class we include explosive compound lifts, loads heavy enough to tax the muscles to increase your strength and pair it with high levels of conditioning. We also include a dedicated time for hypertrophy to focus on increasing lean muscle mass.
The structure of this class makes it a great fit for the advanced athlete to the the beginner member looking to test their grit.



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